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Energy Star Energy Saving Tips

Q: What energy savings measures can I take before I go away on a winter vacation?

A: There are several easy steps for you to consider before you leave for a vacation:

Set your heat to a low temperature (like 55 degrees) rather than completely turn it off. If your pipes get too cold, they could freeze and burst. You should have a "hold" setting so you don't have to lose all your current settings.

Set your hot water heater to the "away" or "vacation" setting.

If you want to leave lights on to make the house look "lived in," invest in a timer so the lights can go on and off automatically.

Question: How hard would it be to green-up the website- getting alot of feedback from it--- people like it but think but think that it is dark... Any possibility on "greening it up??? Are goal is to be a green focussed company--- all of these websites are earthy/green... My friends @ Gene Love Plumbing just greened-up their website- take a look: ...

Also, everyone is asking why the logo is so big on the home page- I know dad liked it but... what can you do about shrinking it down??? Are we able to put the logo against a blue sky or something?

HOME STAR, also known as 'Cash for Caulkers', is a proposed new national weatherization incentive program. This initiative establishes a $6 billion rebate program to help you invest in improving the energy efficiency, comfort, durability and safety of your home.

It will also help create jobs in both construction and manufacturing in local communities across the country.

HOME STAR will offer two different incentive levels – GOLD STAR and SILVER STAR. The legislation is still being drafted, but details about the proposed programs follow: