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Insulatiuon Survey Air Krete® is a natural answer to the energy problem. As a homeowner you may have felt the brunt of energy costs and have done many of the things possible to cut the use of energy in your home. You may have already insulated your attic, added storm windows, insulated your hot water heater, and turned down your thermostat. But the walls of your home present a different problem. Are your walls adequately insulated?

That's where a trained professional licensed Air Krete® manufacturer comes in. Air Krete’s high-technology insulation made of Magnesium Oxychloride Cement (MgO), air & water can save more lost energy through your walls than any other product on the market today.

Air Krete®, provides the highest insulation value, combined with a proven environmentally safe, fire stopping, mold and pest resistant characteristics unmatched in any other product available today.

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In the Bank or Up the Chimney Survey

Q. Is this an economic thing for us to consider doing?
A. Yes. Insulation in your walls is like money in the bank. Investing in Air Krete® insulation makes good sense both from the point of view of money saved on energy bills and increased comfort due to the many unique qualities (i.e. fire proof, pest resistant, mold resistant, non allergenic…). Air Krete® Inc. is also an Energy Star Partner which is considered in many incentives.

Q. Is there really an energy crisis?
A. While it is unpleasant to admit, the energy crisis is an undeniable fact of life. We are depleting our non-renewable fossil fuels at an incredible rate. We import about 60% of our oil at exorbitant prices, and we are now faced with skyrocketing costs of natural gas. Government agencies reported that 40% to 50% of US energy used is consumed by our homes and buildings we live and work in. Properly insulated, our homes and buildings would help to conserve a great amount of energy. Conservation of energy is the safest, cheapest and most environmentally sound way to combat the energy crisis.

Q. My house is a very well-made house and I'm sure the contractor wouldn't have forgotten to do something so important…. Right?
Not necessarily. Insulation was just not a high priority before 1978. Obviously that is not the case today. If your home was built before 1978 it is most likely that the wall insulation is inadequate. Also through the years most insulation products shrink or settle which would increase energy loss by 5% or more. Air Krete® does not shrink or settle in a closed cavity wall. This property keeps Air Krete’s® high and consistent R value. Our trained personnel will be able to help you determine the need for new or additional insulation.

Q. Will insulating my home with Air Krete® raise the resale value of my home?
Quite likely. A properly insulated home with Air Krete® which is environmentally safe, fire resistant, and a continued high R value would be a valuable benefit in the future. And lower utility bills are always an attractive feature to a buyer.

Q. How long will it take?
Very likely, we will be able to insulate your home in just a couple of days, depending of course on the size of your home. Our professional crews are trained to treat your home with the utmost respect and care while causing you the least inconvenience possible.

Q. Well, if I do need wall insulation, why should I consider Air Krete®?
One factor to remember in insulating the sidewalls of your home is that you normally have only 3.5" to 4" of space to insulate, so that you need a product that can do the most with that limited amount of space. That means you want the product with the highest resistance, or R-value. Air Krete® is also fire resistant. Air Krete® is mold and pest resistant. Air Krete® is non allergenic, and has acoustic properties. There is no other product on the market that can rival Air Krete®.

Q. What is Air Krete® ?
It is made of air water and MgO (Magnesium Oxychloride Cement)

Q. How does Air Krete® work?
A. Air Krete® is air bubbles wrapped with cement that creates a cement based foam that does the job for you in stopping energy loss.

Q. How is Air Krete® different from other insulation products?
A. Air Krete® many qualities is fire proof, non allergenic, mold resistant, pest resistant, great R value, sound barrier.

Q. Is this product different from other kinds of masonry?
A. Yes. The method of making lightweight "foamed cement" insulation is unique. Only licensed Air Krete® manufacturers know how to make this exciting product, and both the process and equipment use are protected by patent. Air Krete® Inc. only sells their products to licensed Air Krete® manufacturers who have been thoroughly trained and are completely professional and capable of installing Air Krete® in your home correctly and effectively.

Q. Could it cause a fire in my walls?
A. No. Air Krete® will not burn or support combustion when exposed directly to the flame of a blowtorch and exhibits fire characteristics most closely associated with concrete. There is no other insulation material which can boast of such excellent fire resistance. It actually will block potential fire.

Q. But is it safe? I've heard an awful lot about different kinds of insulation causing all sorts of health problems.
One of the most exciting things about Air Krete® is that it uses no hazardous materials of any kind. While fiberglass can give off microscopic shards of glass, and cellulose must be carefully treated to guard against fire, Air Krete is made with air, water and MgO (Magnesium Oxide) Cement. The MgO is a mineral which is used in our daily vitamin mineral supplements. When MgO is calcined, it produces high temperature fireproof refractory cement. Recent studies have proven that (MgO) absorbs Co2 (carbon dioxide). The MgO activates a counter action to the global warming effect by scrubbing Co2 from the atmosphere, making Air Krete® an even more environmentally friendly product.

Q. How safe is it to be around during an installation?
A. Very safe. The only requirement during an application is for the installers to wear gloves so their hands do not dry out. The cement has a drying effect on skin which is a good thing because it creates a hostile environment for rodents and bugs to live in.

Q. Does it shrink or settle?

A. No. Air Krete® does not shrink or settle due to the exclusive formulation and the inherent qualities of the product. This added quality allows Air Krete® R value for life. There is no equivalent insulation available.

Q. How long will it last?
A. Air Krete® will last as long as the structure around it last and in some cases longer than the structure if it were replaced by another structure.

Q. Does Air Krete®  Inc. franchise?
No. Air Krete® Inc main headquarters is located in Weedsport NY where we train new companies and sell fully equipped trailers. Air Krete® license the technology to individual installer/companies.

Q. What is the retail cost?
A. The cost will vary according to where you live. Each Licensed Air Krete®  Manufacturer set their own pricing. Today there are many tax breaks, grants and funding options for insulation and building and home renovations. Please review the links below.
This flagship initiative from the Department of Energy (DOE) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a national program offering a comprehensive, whole-house approach to improving energy efficiency and comfort at home, while helping to protect the environment.

NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority)

NYSERDA Economic Recovery Information: 

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