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Air Krete Testimonials
terminator It was in the fall of 2009 Our CT Air Krete® Licensed Manufacturer Alan Gagnon called the office all excited... " While I was puting Air Krete® in my customer's wall the termites are literally crawling out of the walls carring their larva right before our eyes... They are flopping upsidedown... It's incredible..." Home Owner's Mr. & Mrs. Greg Morgan witnessed the extermination of termites without an exterminator on site. The Morgan home was recently insulated with Air Krete® Insulation. The distressed termites nesting in the home's cavities were carrying their larvae and eggs out of the walls’ cavities, and dying due to the de-oiling effect of Air Krete's® main ingredient, Magnesium Oxide . Here's the follow up.
I've been meaning for months to tell you how successful your work for us has been. The interior climate is stabilized, bugs and rodents eliminated, and we're happy and grateful.
Best wishes to you and your family,
George & Sheila.

Exterminating Termites
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Home Owner - Connecticut
Air Krete®,
Allen Gagnon of Comfort Green in CT insulated and framed an exterior wall and replaced its deteriorated windows.He insulated our basement and attic- as I mentioned, this eliminated a previously persistent insect and rodent problem.
His work was well planned, on schedule and within estimate. He's a genuinely good guy.
George & Sheila.

Upper Sandusky High School Case Study
...There was no heat from the boilers and a single 50K BTU propane heater was used in the gym during the power outage... The temperature held with very little drop in temperature (less than 5 degrees) starting about 72 degrees despite the fact that outside temperature never exceeded 28 degrees during the 5 day period
Read more (pdf)

Air Krete: Foam Without Plastics
From Volume 6, No.7 -July/August 1997
This article was originally published in theEnvironmental Building News, the leading newsletter on environmentally responsible design and construction. .... 2x4-framed wall filled with Air Krete® insulation has passed a 2-hour firestopping test. Anecdotal evidence seems to confirm this claim. One section of an old barn in Acworth, New Hampshire was converted to living space and insulated with Air Krete®. A severe fire subsequently gutted living space, but the rest of the barn was saved. The building's owner and local fire officials credit Air Krete® in the walls separating the barn from the residence for the building's survival. Air Krete® has also been used to retrofit party walls with inadequate fire-stopping characteristics in some New York City apartments and has been unofficially credited with preventing a fire from spreading there as well, according to Zori. Read More (pdf)

Home Owner Billy Day - Alaska
... My name is Billy Day. I'm Sandy's husband. I was home and asleep when the fire started. It burned 1/3 of our roof off. The roof is a third story, 28' diameter, 16 faceted Chinaman's Cap with vents at the soffit and at the peak which provide for ventilation. It's the perfect shape for a pyre. 3 X 12 spruce beams provide the support. During the blaze, the 3X12s burned nearly completely through above the air krete insulation. I definitely believe that the fire break that the Air Krete® provides is what prevented the collapse of the roof into the living space and allowed me the time to put out the blaze. Read more (pdf)

Tinora High School/Middle School Complex - Northeastern Local Schools
...Air Krete® masonary wall insulation helped reduce natural gas usage by 32%. Read more (pdf)

Ayersville Local Schools - District Complex - Ohio
...Air Krete® masonary wall insulation - Swimming pool walls (only) delivered a 20.7% savings in the districts total natural gas use. Read more (pdf)

Home Owner Robert Hann - Romeo MI
In the 99/00 heating season I realized a 26% reduction in consumption over the prior year. Read more (pdf)

Dear Palmer Industries:
   "We built our living quarters into a 200-year-old barn, occupying 1/3 of the structure with air krete forming a barrier between the heated quarters and the remainder of the old barn.

   A fire destroyed virtually the entire living quarters within the barn—6x8 timbers were destroyed--the Fire Marshal estimated temperatures near the fire’s point of origin to be 1700 degrees.

   Yet the fire was confined to the living quarters. The air krete did not burn, it did not melt or crumble, it just sat there, making an excellent firewall. There is no doubt in my mind that Air Krete® saved the building."
David Lyle

Dear Palmer Industries:
"Air Krete® was very instrumental in the reduction of our fuel costs – from $100,000 a year to $51,700 a year….

Gail M. Jones
Executive Director
Associates for Community Development
Management Agent for King’s Daughters Court

Dear Palmer Industries:
 "air krete far surpasses the requirements of the NYC Department of buildings with respect to combustion product toxicity testing results. Comparison between air krete and wood revealed that Air Krete® is not more toxic than wood. In reviewing the many thousands of products which we have tested; air krete remains one of the outstanding examples."
Rosalind C. Anderson, Ph.D.

  "We selected Air Krete® for use in the Shawnee County Adult Detention Center for these reasons:

  • Reinforced curved varying cavity thicknesses most easily filled by foam-in-place
  • Life Safety – Non Combustible
  • Inhibits transmigration of moisture through wall assembly
  • Soundproofing characteristics – creates an acoustical barrier between inmates & the public outside
  • Thermal efficiency of the Wall assembly with the cavity fully insulated withAir Krete® is more that twice what might be expected if a 2-inch thick expanded polystyrene board were used
  • Expected savings over the life of the structure to be dramatic due to the fully insulated cavity
  • Reasonably easy installation procedures
  • Performance of the system to date have been gratifying"

Gregory D. Sims, AIA

Dear Palmer Industries:
"We could not believe how easy it was to heat a 2-Story 10,000 Square Foot Living Space with a 100,000 BTU temporary heater after you insulated the structure with Air Krete®. And, we only had duct work in the basement at the time."

James O. Rudy
Fred W. Rudy
Builders And Contractors, Inc.